The importance of getting family pictures I learnt in this family photoshoot in Barcelona

Every time I look at old photos, they take me back to very specific memories that for some reason took a great importance in my life. Or just in my head. Like those days my grandma came to visit us in our summer house and brought us a bag of candy and some little puzzles or toys. I remember spending the time after lunch, laying down on the hammock in the rear terrace of the house, playing with those little toys, or just reading. I remember my grandma in her summer clothes, not very keen to go to the beach but coming with us anyway. I remember the long evening walks once the sun hid a little behind the mountains, when we then went berry picking in the forrest.

My brother has an old photo on a wall at his house of him when he was around 1 or 2 years old climbing up a slide with my grandpa holding him. I didn’t exist by then yet, but this photo brings me all the summer memories, the town we used to spend our summers at, and my grandpa, who left us 20 years ago…

When I take family photos I’m not just after the beautiful image with the nice pose and the beautiful smile… that comes naturally.

I go for the feelings and emotions, the laugh of the little ones, the looks of proud parents to their kids, the games… Those things build our minds with memories that, after so many years, the pictures will trigger those same sensations.

This is the day I met Lilia and her parents for a fun day together. She played, she danced, she sang… I can only hope she will remember that day together as the day they went to the park and had fun while this lady was taking photos (and playing too!!).

At least, I will remember it as the day I met this super fun little girl I became friends with when she hold my hand at the end of the session and my heart melted.