Mediterranean wine experience in the Penedès Region, Spain.

Some months ago I started rethinking my photoshoots in Barcelona and surroundings as something more experiential. I do like to get involved and create a whole experience and in the end, I always end up recommending places to eat or to go to get the maximum out of the city. Since most of my clients are visiting Barcelona coming from other countries and other cultures, I love sharing my city from a local’s perspective. Make them be part of the actual Catalan and Spanish culture. The same I love asking them about theirs.

Then I thought about making them enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, full of the best memories one can build.

Walks in an endless field with the smell of Nature in the air, the sound of swallows flying around over our heads (yeah… it’s always summer in my head), meals al fresco, long afternoons laying down outdoors reading or taking a nap… Beautiful sunsets… The essence of Mediterranean lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, I built these experiences together with the family at Mas Palou, to get the best from the relaxed side of our Mediterranean lifestyle and some professional photos to remember the day, the experience, the sensations, the feelings. “Remember that day we spent in the vineyards in Spain?”

Mas Palou is a typical Catalan Masia (Farmhouse) from the 1600s run by the same family since, surrounded by a vast land with vineyards with the most beautiful sunsets. They grow the grapes that later on will turn into Cava or wine.

Here you can enjoy a brunch, a meal or a wine tasting together with the whole experience of spending some time lost in the wine region of Penedès.

The vineyards around the house are the perfect set for a photoshoot with your partner, friends or family!

For learning more about the local wines and cava (sparkling wine), get ready for a wine tasting with Maria.

Ant the food… What can I say about the food! Yummy, high quality, seasonal products, homemade…

If you also want to live this experience, contact me for more info!

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