Couple session in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Annalise and Damian contacted me because they were traveling to Barcelona for their anniversary and wanted to get some professional photos in Barcelona. Since their wedding day they hadn’t had the chance to take new professional photos and how important is that!!

I do believe it’s not only important to take photos in special dates and events, but so it is to treat ourselves with some photographs that will build our memories. And specially when traveling to another city!

We met on a hot day of August. I first wanted to get to know them better and most importantly, I wanted them to get to know me, to trust me and feel comfortable with me. So we first met for coffee, right before the shooting and in less that a cup of coffee we were chatting like old friends.

First smiles, looks, poses… those turned into dancing moves in the middle of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. That I knew they were comfortable.

It’s funny, a few weeks later, Annalise posted on her Instagram a photo I took of them. They were laughing and happy in front of my camera, and a friend wrote a comment something like “this represents you so much!” (something like that, I don’t remember the exact words). I was so happy I had got to capture their true spirit.

Nice memories of a fun shooting with this fun couple.