My life in Barcelona

Hi, my name is Emma Espejo and I’m a portrait photographer in Barcelona.

I believe in natural honest beauty, in the inherent identity. I believe in the little moments that makes us be, in the memories we build.

And for that reason you are here now:

“My life in Barcelona” tells the stories of foreigners living in Barcelona, and “portraits in Barcelona” is about those who come visit and let me show them my city while I take their photos.

And you? Who are you in this story?

thi is my love letter to Barcelona

My life in Barcelona

This is a personal project, about foreign people living in Barcelona. Enter to know their stories and their vision of Barcelona

Stories written by Emma Espejo

Memories from Barcelona is the result of the photoshoots I do for people visiting the city. It’s not only my pleasure to show them around my own city but help them get these images to build their memories from their trip..


Hi! This is Emma

I was born in Barcelona and I’m a photographer worldwide.

Photography is my natural environment, I need light as much as air.

I studied English Philology and I would do it again. Stories, Narratives, English… it fills my being.

I live in Barcelona since I made peace with the city and we fell in love with each other again. Holly, the cat I share my apartment with is a witness.

If you want to know me better, you can read the following interview and visit my website