My life in Barcelona

Hi, my name is Emma Espejo and I’m a portrait photographer in Barcelona.

I believe in natural honest beauty, in the inherent identity. I believe in the little moments that makes us be, in the memories we build.

And for that reason you are here now:

“My life in Barcelona” tells the stories of foreigners living in Barcelona, and “portraits in Barcelona” is about those who come visit and let me show them my city while I take their photos.

And you? Who are you in this story?

thi is my love letter to Barcelona

My life in Barcelona

This is a personal project, about foreign people living in Barcelona. Enter to know their stories and their vision of Barcelona

Stories by Emma Espejo

These stories are the result of the photoshoots & experiences I created for people visiting the city or locals that want to capture a memory in an original way.


Hi! This is Emma

I was born in Barcelona and I’m a photographer worldwide.

Photography is my natural environment, I need light as much as air.

I studied English Philology and I would do it again. Stories, Narratives, English… it fills my being.

I live in Barcelona since I made peace with the city and we fell in love with each other again. Holly, the cat I share my apartment with is a witness.

If you want to know me better, you can read the following interview and visit my website